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Painted Soap Dispenser

Upcycled Art – Foaming Soap Dispenser

Upcycled Foaming Hand Soap Dispensers

In today’s project we’ll be transforming an empty foaming soap dispenser into a beautiful and practical work of art. It’s an UPCYCLE ya’ll!!! 
This project ticks all the boxes.
Did I mention…It’s an UPCYCLE!
It’s a free thing to paint plus you can save the earth from another plastic product. With the proper paints and varnish these dispensers can be used over and over again. 
Make your own soap!
It’s seriously embarrassing how easy it is to make your own soap. You can literally make 6 foaming soaps from 1 bottle of shower gel plus water. There are a million and one recipes online that you can use or you can create your own. One of my favorites is Rose Peppermint. Sounds gross, but it smells so good.
It’s Practical art!
Who said you can’t touch art anyway? I love it when you can have little touch points of art pieces around the house to give you a little sprinkle of happy art magic just when you need it. 
Art can make you happy both when you make it and when you use it.  I hope you all enjoy this idea for your next dotting project.

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