12” Mandala Grid Stencil for Large Canvases (up to 24”)



12” Mandala Grid Stencil for Large Canvases (up to 24”)

This 12″ dot mandala grid stencil is used to draw lines on large canvases up to 24” wide! Most compasses don’t extend this far so this quarter panel stencil makes it easy. It takes less than 7 minutes to trace the whole thing. I timed it 😉

These lines help to keep your mandala painting straight and even. The stencil material is completely transparent allowing you to easily line up the stencil to your canvas corners & edges quickly. This stencil allows you to be creative with your paint color and design while not having to worry about doing the math for guide lines at the start of every dotting project.

How to use this stencil:

* Use chalk or matte paint for the base coat for best results.

1) Place your mandala stencil over surface to be painted with the center registration mark lined up with the center point on your canvas.

2) Hold stencil secure with one hand while tracing the first quarter panel of your canvas with a white charcoal pencil.

3) Flip the stencil over and line up registration mark in center. Trace again until each quarter panel of the canvas is traced.

4) After all lines are drawn, dot your mandala over the chalk lines.

5) Dry your dot mandala masterpiece fully and then simply wash away white charcoal lines from surface with water.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 1 in


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