Mandala DIVIDER Stencil Collection



Dot Mandala Stencil DIVIDER Collection- 5″ Flexible stencils small mandala dot painting mandala stencil collection kit

This dot mandala flexi stencil DIVIDER collection is used to draw divider lines on your stone, mini canvas, or small object. These lines help to keep your mandala painting straight even on curved surfaces. Less than 1 minute of preparation before painting can save your dot mandala from the dreaded problem of dots losing their way and becoming crooked lines. This stencil allows you to be creative with your paint color and design while not having to worry about doing the math for guide lines at the start of every dotting project.

Includes 3 stencils:

3,6,12 line divider
4,8,16 line divider
5,10 line divider

How to use:
1) Place your mandala stencil over surface to be painted. (Rocks, mini canvases, cups, blocks, cylinders…)

2) Hold stencil secure with left hand while tracing with a white charcoal pencil. (This does take practice. Once you get it, you GOT IT.) You can also use tape or a piece of framing putty in the center to help hold the stencil in place. Connect all the lines with your charcoal pencil for final sketch.

3) After all lines are drawn, paint your dots directly on top of the charcoal lines. You can vary the diameter of the tools as you move down the line. Yay! No maths! Perfectly placed dots every time.

4) Dry your dot mandala masterpiece fully and then simply wash away white charcoal lines from surface with water.

Perfectly straight dotted lines!

It can be our little secret 😉

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in


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