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Hi WordPress : )

My first collection of mandala stones

Hello! I’m Rachel. I’m a dotting/stencil artist. While I’ve painted all my life, the last few years I’ve devoted all my free time to painting dot mandalas.

I’m excited to bring my art journey into the world of blogging. My work has progressed quite a bit from the picture you see above. I started with all the wrong paints, tools and stones and through my frustrations ended up creating tools and stencils that have helped my work reach a new level. I love to share what’s worked for me with others and hopefully inspire others to join me along the way.

On Instagram I’ve connected with other dotting artists from around the world who support each other and raise the bar for each other through new and unique design and painting techniques. I’d love to join the WordPress community and meet some of you with the same interests : )

All the best,


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  1. gaiainaction

    I am only just discovering this beautiful art. I am planning to dot some plain Christmas baubles. Your work is beautiful.

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