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Dot Mandala Wood Pebble

Wood Pebbles

dot mandala on a wood pebble

This was my very first dot mandala painting on a wood pebble.

It has since found a home, but to this day it’s still my favorite. I may just paint this one twice. I never do that, but I may make an exception. If you’ve never painted on a wood pebble before, you should try it. If you’re interested, click here to buy your own. It has a really smooth surface and is perfectly symmetrical. Plus, it’s lightweight and it SPINS! Not all rocks spin. It’s like a toy for art collectors. In this case you CAN touch it, in fact it’s encouraged. : )

For those of you that sell your work, do you ever miss your art when it leaves? Do you live with it for a while before you sell it? Have you experienced the joy of painting on wood? Let me know in the comments below. 

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