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Reversible Mandala Stencils

Reversible Stencil Collection

Introducing the reversible mandala stencil collection. This is made specifically for dotting artists who would like to start their mandala project off easily with a stencil design that’s ready to paint in seconds. 

  • Skip all the maths.
  • No compass.
  • No complicated line work.

Just easy to use stencils so you can skip straight to all the fun painty colorful dotty bits! 

It comes with a booklet to show you all the different variations you can try. You can even mix and match stencils to create unique designs to dot.

Click here to purchase yours!

Have you already played with these? Please leave a comment below to share your experience! 

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  1. Marianne Bosse

    So fascinated by this. Looks like I will have to try it!!

    1. thedottingcenter

      Hi Marianne! You’ll love dotting. It’s so much fun : )

  2. Dorothy Cousins

    Help, how can I buy this set of reversible stencils

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