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Lotus Dot Mandala Tutorial

Lotus Mandala Tutorial Series

This video will show you how to paint this cheery & colorful dot mandala painting using a few different methods. I’ll show you various techniques to create this painting using two different paints from DecoArt. The DecoArt Americana liquid paints work beautifully with standard dotting tools, while the premium paints are a medium body paint that will create puffy, 3D, puffy dots that add height and texture to your work. This one is a FUN ONE! I give you full permission to recreate this design in any way you’d like. Visit The Dotting Center on Etsy to shop for dotting tools, kits & stencils to get started!


11” Lotus Reversible Stencil.

Stylus Tool Set

Silicone Dotting Tools

Dotting Rods

24 piece paint applicator bottle set

PAINTS USED | DecoArt Chalk Finish Medium (to make any paint a chalkboard paint) .

DecoArt Americana (liquid for flat dots)

Coastal Waters (base coat) Royal Fuchsia

Coral Blush

Titanium White


DecoArt Americana Premium Acrylic Paints (medium body for puffy dots)

Cadmium Red Hue Cerulean Blue Titanium White Primary Yellow Pale Gold

DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics Bronze

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