Strung Pearls DIY Dotted Christmas Ball
DIY Christmas Ball

Strung Pearls DIY Dotted Christmas Ball DIY Christmas Ball Painting Tutorial Happy Holidays! In this video we'll dot a red Christmas bauble with a pearl white beaded lace pattern. These are classic, feminine, and delicate…


Floral Heart Ornaments Floral Heart Ornament YouTube tutorial video This is a first for the dotting center. This. Is a dotting tutorial without a single dot. While you know I’m super stoked…

New Dot Mandala video
Dot Mandala Video

New Dot Mandala video New Dot Mandala Musical Montage YouTube video This week's video is a little different than the usual dotting tutorial. Today I'm sharing a musical montage of select clips of…

Mandala Stone made with bottles
Dot Mandala Painted with Bottles

Mandala Stone made with bottles In this video we'll make a dot mandala stone using paint applicator bottles, for thick, plump, dimensional dots. While some of the footage is missing (due to late night…


New YouTube Video and Pattern New YouTube Tutorial and Mandala Pattern I'm excited to introduce my newest dotting transfer pattern to you! It features an eight petaled flower mandala design and it includes 6…

How to Clean Dotting Tools
Dirty Dotting Tools

How to Clean Dotting Tools Let’s talk about our Dirty Dotting Tools  If your tools look like mine, first be sure to pat yourself on the back. Good job getting your tools this gross.…

Dotted Pearl Ornaments
Dotting Tutorial - Christmas Ornaments

Dotted Pearl Ornaments🎁 NEW YouTube tutorial just posted! Classic black and white dotted pearl ornaments. In this video I’ll show you the easy way to segment your ornament, design using a chalk…

Dot Mandala Painting Tutorial
Dot Mandala Tutorial Colorful Wood Pebble

Dot Mandala Painting Tutorial This tutorial will show you step by step how to paint a dot mandala using only a few tools, but a TON of COLORS. This is an "adventurous" beginner…