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New YouTube Video and Pattern

New YouTube Tutorial and Mandala Pattern

I’m excited to introduce my newest dotting transfer pattern to you! It features an eight petaled flower mandala design and it includes 6 different sizes from 3” all the way up to almost 11” so you can use this one any object, flat or rounded from a stone all the way up to a 12” canvas. I designed it for easy dotting, so each of the sections can be filled with your own dot patterns to create a unique piece of art every time.

In this video we’ll paint this wood pebble together from start to finish. I wanted to test out different brands of metallic paints, so I used a bunch of different brands. I’ll list all the paints in the description box of the video, but keep in mind some of these worked and some of them didn’t. So please feel free to use your own paints. I’ll share with you my experience with each of these and you’ll be able to see their qualities in this video.

For this project you’ll need an art object, the flower mandala transfer pattern, transfer paper, dotting rods, stylus tools, a pencil, and a size 1 brush.

Have fun!


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