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Floral Heart Ornaments

Floral Heart Ornament YouTube tutorial video

This is a first for the dotting center. This. Is a dotting tutorial without a single dot. While you know I’m super stoked about dots,  I’ve found that stylus tools are perfect for creating small floral designs and today I’m sharing the perfect project for you to give this is a shot.  Plus we’ll get ready for Christmas early!

We’ll be painting floral heart ornaments for this one. The theme for these ornaments is birth flowers. I thought it would be such a cute little gift to paint someone’s birth month flower on an ornament with their name on the back as a gift for the holidays. Today we’ll be painting 4 different styles. Each one contains a birth month flower. We’ll do gladiolus for August, Violets for February, Daisies for April, Chrysanthemums for November, and Asters for September.

It’s also a great excuse to mashup hearts and flowers. It’s a winning combo. You can’t lose with these two. I hope to show you that your dotting tools can paint more than just dots. I think you’ll be surprised how fun it is to paint florals with stylus tools.

For this project you’ll need these cute little  heart ornaments, some pretty paints and some ribbon. I thought it might be a good challenge only use stylus tools and silicone tools. You may want to include a brush or bottles if you’re fancy. 

I hope you all love this project! Enjoy : )


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  1. Lisa

    Love these! I’d like to see all of the flowers for each month. I’m new to dotting but I love these❣️

    1. thedottingcenter

      Thanks! I could paint flowers all day long, couldn’t you??? Have fun!

  2. lek

    Love!!! Thank you. Great idea. I appreciate the tutorial. Will check out the site for dotting tutorials and more floral tutorials! How fun and pretty.

    1. thedottingcenter

      Hi Lori. Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy making these.

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