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White Charcoal Pencil for dot mandala artists



White Charcoal Pencil for dot mandala artists

This is my favorite white charcoal pencil for mandala making. It’s more “chalky” than the other brands making it easier to remove after the paint dries. It simply wipes off with water.

Please note: this is a chalk pencil and part of the beauty of it is that it doesn’t contain any waxy binders that other chalk pencils have. This makes it wipe off easily, but you must sharpen it by hand with a blade to avoid crumbling. Don’t use electric pencil sharpeners because they will just eat your pencil to a nub, lol. Sharpening with a blade is the best way to get a good point on these : )

*Tip: after tracing your stencil wipe or blow away any excess chalk. Sometimes when dotting small dots right on top of a chalked line, the paint will adhere to the powder and affect the shape of the dot ; )

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 1 × 1 in


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