Dotted Pearl Ornaments
Dotting Tutorial - Christmas Ornaments

Dotted Pearl Ornaments🎁 NEW YouTube tutorial just posted! Classic black and white dotted pearl ornaments. In this video I’ll show you the easy way to segment your ornament, design using a chalk…

Glitter Ornament Tutorial
DIY Glitter Ornaments

Glitter Ornament Tutorial DIY Glitter Ornament Tutorial 🎄✨NEW YouTube tutorial just posted! Ombré Glitter ornaments with 4 different pearl white designs. These are so fun to make, I just had to share.…

Dot Mandala Painting Tutorial
Dot Mandala Tutorial Colorful Wood Pebble

Dot Mandala Painting Tutorial This tutorial will show you step by step how to paint a dot mandala using only a few tools, but a TON of COLORS. This is an "adventurous" beginner…

Lotus Mandala Tutorial Series
Lotus Dot Mandala Tutorial

Lotus Mandala Tutorial Series Lotus Mandala Tutorial Videos This video will show you how to paint this cheery & colorful dot mandala painting using a few different methods. I'll show you various techniques…

Dot Mandala Tutorial
Dot Painting Tutorial

Dot Mandala Tutorial NEW YouTube Dotting Tutorial! Check it out! A NEW YouTube dot mandala tutorial.  In this video I’m going to show you how to design and dot a mandala painting…

PDF Dotting Pattern Now Available
Dotting Pattern TDC

PDF Dotting Pattern Now Available NEW Radiant Mandala Dotting Pattern 2 Available now as an INSTANT PDF download! Print, dot, & frame. It also comes with a full YouTube video tutorial for you to…

Rainbow Spiral Stone
Dot Mandala Stone Tutorial

Rainbow Spiral Stone Have you tried this project yet? Its a rainbow spiral dot mandala stone using those incredibly shimmery Folk Art Color Shift paints. I love those paints so much I…

Wood Pebbles
Dot Mandala Wood Pebble

Wood Pebbles

This was my very first dot mandala painting on a wood pebble. It has since found a home, but to this day it's still my favorite. I may just paint…

Reversible Stencil Collection
Reversible Mandala Stencils

Reversible Stencil Collection Introducing the reversible mandala stencil collection. This is made specifically for dotting artists who would like to start their mandala project off easily with a stencil design that's ready…